Founded in 1949, CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is one of the pioneers of wood panels production in Africa. The company has two production sites in Morocco and Gabon and stands out for the quality of its panels.

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is a company belonging to the Safari group. It specializes in the manufacture of wood panels and wood-derived products. Its success is based on two pillars, one of which is specialized in the processing of wood and the other in the production of joinery elements.

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas stands out in particular in the transformation of wood into plywood panels of different sizes and various finishes.

It evolves and developp its process and products according to the wishes of its clients. To do this, it uses cutting-edge modern techniques for the production of its panels, ensuring their robustness, resistance and aesthetics.

Its production of joinery elements is characterized by a wide range of products used in particular in kitchens, for doors, dressing rooms, bedrooms as well as interior furniture. Its range of furniture is carefully designed and made from high-quality materials, again ensuring remarkable durability and aesthetics.

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas has long integrated into its strategy the importance of a society based on respect for the environment. In addition to the fact that wood is in itself an excellent sequester of carbon, CEMA Bois de l’Atlas has highlighted the use of sustainable and respectful materials.

It has also included its vision as a producer specializing in wood in an evolving approach, always looking for the latest discoveries and the possibilities of integrating them into its production and operations. It remains on the lookout for any internal or external innovation that it could integrate into its products available to its customers.


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Our area of expertise

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is a leader in the wood production and processing sector. It offers a wide range of products for all interior and exterior spaces, construction and naval.

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The final result

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas products reflect innovation in the production of wooden panels, semi-finished and finished joinery in order to best meet market requirements.

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Our values are a reflection of our identity. They guide our choices and motivate us to pursue our goals.



We manufacture durable wooden items, crafted and finished to the highest quality standards, meeting the most demanding expectations of our customers.



We select wood from sources that meet the strictest standards for sustainable and responsible management. Our production lines are constantly improved as part of environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.



Our production methods are continually re-evaluated in light of the most modern and innovative technologies and techniques.



With a 75-year history of serving our customers, we are committed to offering contemporary products while integrating the materials of tomorrow, thus perpetuating our heritage.

Our resources

Our human capital is a driving force at the heart of the success of our company. With more than 600 employees, our team is highly qualified and experienced. It constitutes a melting pot of know-how and expertise allowing us to carry out our most complex projects and respond to all the specific needs expressed by our clients.

  • +600 employees.

We have established an efficient network for the transportation and distribution of our products, ensuring fast and reliable delivery to our customers across Morocco and internationally. Furthermore, our rigorous supply chain management guarantees constant availability of the raw materials necessary for our production.

Our fleet of trucks and our efficient handling equipment are managed to allow delivery within 24 hours throughout Moroccan territory.

  • 15 Trucks (40t, 18t, 17t, 17.5t, 14t, 3.5t)
  • 33 Carts (15t, 7t, 5t, 3t, 2t)
  • 2 Multidirectional Carts(8t, 5t)
  • 1 straddle carrier 35t
  • 2 Loaders.

On a technical level, our set of machines is at the forefront of technology, guaranteeing an optimal level of precision and reliability during its use. CEMA Bois de l’Atlas has six workshops equipped with the latest generation machines, thus forming the backbone of the company and setting it apart from others.

  • Plywood workshop
  • Fine Species plywood workshop
  • Blocked plywood workshop
  • Stratidecors workshop
  • Stratibois workshop
  • Flat pack workshop.