Our solutions

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas offers various solutions for your furnishing and manufacturing projects.

Interior design and furnishing

A wide range of our products is designed to beautify and make your interior spaces more functional, whether in the home, kitchen or office.

Semi-finished carpentry elements :

Doors, dressing rooms, kitchens, veneers, partitions.

Finished carpentry elements :

Pedestals, tables, meeting tables, dining room tables, dressing tables, headboards, beds, bedside tables, TV furniture, cupboards, storage furniture, bathroom furniture, entrance furniture, sideboards, bookcases, displays, shelves, desks.

Outdoor use

Humid environment - Exterior cladding & facades - Exposure to outdoor weather - Roofs - Facades - Containers - Bodywork - Floors - Formwork panels - Doors.

Semi-finished carpentry elements :

Doors - Facades - Roofs - Cladding.


Building and large-scale construction - Roofing - Nautical construction - Naval industry.

Wooden construction encompasses all achievements whose load-bearing walls are made of ancestral and traditional wood, while also being extremely modern and innovative. The technical performance of wood allows it to meet all requirements.


In the field of shipbuilding, wood remains a noble and prized material for nautical construction. Whether for shipyards specializing in the framework of wooden boats or for enthusiasts of wooden sailboats, wooden shipbuilding combines tradition, know-how and aesthetics.

Semi-finished carpentry elements :

Ship frames, curved frames and frames, greenhouse belts, decks, planking and linings, exterior joinery, deckhouses and hold panels, floors, wall cladding, partitions, dressing rooms, doors.

Finished carpentry elements :

Tables, dressing tables, headboards, beds, bedside tables, cupboards, storage furniture, sideboards, bookcases, displays, shelves...