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Trouvez l’élégance naturelle et l’authenticité intemporelle dans la richesse et le savoir-faire de notre groupe.

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CEMA Bois de l'Atlas

CEMA Bois de l'Atlas is a company belonging to the Safari group. It specializes in the manufacture of wood panels and wood-derived products. Its success is based on two pillars, one of which specializes in the processing of wood and the other in the production of joinery elements.

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Our products

CEMA Bois de l'Atlas is today a company that has been able to constantly evolve and diversify thanks to its various quality products that it makes available to you in carrying out your projects.

Discover our range of of superior quality to carry out your development and renovation projects.

Our solutions

CEMA Bois de l'Atlas offers you different solutions for interior and exterior spaces for your development and manufacturing projects.

  • Interior design and furnishing

    A wide range of products is intended for you to make your interior spaces more aesthetic and more functional.

  • Landscaping

    Discover our selection of outdoor design inspiration and bring your spaces to life with our different products available.

  • Construction

    CEMA Bois de l'Atlas offers various products used in building and large-scale construction.

  • Naval

    In the world of shipbuilding, wood remains a noble and prized material for nautical construction, so we offer several products meeting these needs.