Certifications and labels

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas offers products that comply with the latest international standards and requirements.

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas attaches great importance to the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), thus contributing positively to society while remaining economically viable. Its commitment is manifested by the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns into its commercial activities and its relations with stakeholders.


A Pronounced Commitment to Social Responsibility

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas’ citizen approach is accompanied by a strong societal conscience, based on responsible industrial management principles and methods. The company is resolutely committed to responsible forest management, placing emphasis on quality, safety and the environment.
CEMA Bois de l’Atlas’ commitments to the environment are summarized as follows:
  • Respect the environment as a whole.
  • Provide ongoing professional training for its employees.
  • Investing to improve health and safety conditions and the company’s competitiveness.
  • Supply from sustainably managed forest resources.
  • Demand that all our activities use legally harvested timber.

In a changing environment, there’s no greater risk than standing still. Better to take change by the hand before it grabs you by the throat.


Our industrial process is certified by the world’s most demanding global authorities for greater compliance with international standards.



This quality standard relates to technical specifications, mentioning performance with regard to relevant aspects that have been assessed, such as durability. The fact of having it indicates that the quality has been verified by an independent third party.


Private certification, open to all, based on obligations of means and enabling green space operators to reach at least the standard eco-regime level.

ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 standard aims to improve the energy performance of any organization. Its implementation is therefore a potential source of energy savings for companies reducing their environmental impact.


ISO 14001

These standards are aimed at all organizations wishing to implement a management system designed to control their impact on the environment. Their application is generally voluntary.