CEMA Bois de l'Atlas

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CEMA Bois de l’Atlas

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is part of the Safari Group. It specializes in the manufacture of wood panels and wood by-products. Its success is based on two pillars, one specialized in wood processing and the other in the production of joinery components.

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas differs in the transformation of wood into plywood panels of various dimensions and finishes. We listen to our customers’ needs and evolve to meet their requirements. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art production techniques to ensure that our panels are robust, resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

Working environment

CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is committed to supporting its employees in reaching their full potential. Concerned about the future of its talents, we encourage them to develop their skills in a variety of areas.

The SAFARI Group’s CEMA Bois de l’Atlas division already employs over 600 people and this figure is set to continue rising. Noble, natural and high-performance, wood is winning over the general public, who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. To satisfy this renewed interest, CEMA Bois de l’Atlas is constantly recruiting, while at the same time learning more about the potential of wood every day. As an innovative material, new outlets are opening up to discover all its possibilities and applications.

Joining CEMA Bois de l’Atlas means joining a virtuous, socially responsible ecosystem, so don’t hesitate to apply to enhance your skills and discover a unique and motivating professional environment.

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